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How to Puree a Chicken Biscuit

How to puree a chicken biscuit

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It's a Firefly Night

When the moon is high and the stars are bright, Daddy tells me, “It’s a firefly night!”

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MS74 Health and Wellness - Very Berry Smoothie

Here's the latest student recipe video by MS74's Health and Wellness Club. This video and recipe is from 6th grader Maya Antal.

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Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie 2

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making slip

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5.7.20-Morning Greeting and Daily Challenge (Savanna-smoothie)

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Homemade tacos (picadillo)

Children will watch Ms. Theresa make tacos!

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WUM Episode 12.mp4

More fun with What's Up Merrimack!

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make book

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The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog

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chrismas wakeup intro

WAKEUP intro animation made in blender

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Flag project

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Star Collapse [Stolen]

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Desiree Elswick

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