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Guji Guji read by Robert Guillaume

For more info, check out: Guji Guji is written and illustrated by Chih-Yuan Chen and read by Robert Guillaume. Guji Guji is quite…

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Heather and Kevin Make Seven - (WSCN PTV 3, Semester 1)

Come and witness the zany hijinks at the Brown household

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No More Noisy Nights read by Tony Hale

For more info, check out: No More Noisy Nights is written by Holly L. Niner, illustrated by Guy Wolek and read by Tony Hale. Who…

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Saints @ 8 - September 30, 2021

Saints @ 8 - September 30, 2021

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Story Time: Tuesday, March 9 - Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie

Pete loves music and dancing! In this story, Pete's trying to find his groove while dancing with his friends. He gets a little discouraged when he can't seem to get his dance moves quite…

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WW Unit 4 Session 4 Serious Writers Get Serious About Spelling

WW Unit 4 Session 4 Writers Get Serious About Spelling

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Ms. Leslie reads Giraffes Can’t Dance

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Pete The Cat and The Cool Cat Boogie.mp4

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Pig The Stinker Read Aloud

Hope you enjoy this book for some quarantine entertainment! Think about the choices Pig made and whether they were good or not so good.

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Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie by Kimberly and James Dean

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Dinky Donkey

Halland Youngblood Guinn 3rd Grade

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Canned Heat Teaser - WSCN (2014/2015)

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EDC Boogie Fever competition 4-30-16

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Gold Crew Boogie Fever competition 4-30-16 first place finish

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HMS Jazz Band Concert 10/26/10

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