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Does Twitter Have A Bot Problem?

This Thursday, we're breaking down rising prices in the U.S., and we're trying to understand just how many fake accounts exist on Twitter.

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Computational Thinking Video

Computational Video for CS

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1.14.22 Announcements

1.14.22 Announcements

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Lets Build A Robot Kids Song Body Parts Exercise and Dance for Children Ryan ToysReview

Robot Song

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gotw 5 t2

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March 16, 2021 Morning Announcements

Student Body President, Joya, co-hosts the Morning Announcements. We welcome another group, the Cougar Bots, from our school's robotics team. The team presents a video of their robot, and each…

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Little Red Riding Hood Was Rotten

Books Alive Little Red Riding Hood Was Rotten

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Little Red Riding Hood Was Rotten

Little Red Riding Hood Was Rotten Books Alive

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November 3, 2020 Morning Announcements

A third grade co-host, Isabella, joins Mr. Martinez and Student Body President, Joya, today on the announcements. Four members of Carpenter's Vex IQ Robotics team present their robot, show it…

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Letter s

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Algebra 1 Chapter 1.5

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Rhyming Activity Video 7/1/20

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Phonics 27

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'Squint' Chapter 2

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Calendar 5:21:20

Calendar and Morning Meeting activities

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phonics 129

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