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Derek Kimbell Speech 2 2022

Hallsville High School

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Drawn History: The Story of Muhammad Ali | History

For more info, check out In 1954, a boy from Kentucky had his bicycle stolen. Seeing him angry, a police officer suggested that in order to beat the thief,…

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Eshan Khattra Sjpeech 3

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ERHS Morning Announcements 3-17-21

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60 Seconds

A brief summery of things about me like hobbies, goals, etc.

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2.9.21 Announcements

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Kareem ch26

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June 12 Announcements

Good morning Hereford! Winding down the year, with Joke of the Week and just a couple of announcements. Have a wonderful weekend!

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A Fist for Joe Louis and Me - Read Aloud

Read aloud of A Fist for Joe Louis and Me, by Trinka Hikes Noble. You don't need to stop and jot for this last read aloud. Just listen to the story, look at the illustrations, and think: what…

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Read Aloud from: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

This book by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo contains 100 tales of extraordinary women. In this read aloud, In honor of Play Day, I will share the short stories of three of them: Alfonsina…

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Wood TED Talks Winter 2020 Hanna

Hanna on Boxing

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man vs me_0001.wmv

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2/26/13: SchoolTube Wake Up Word from Merriam Webster

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The Boxer

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Squad Up

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1-16-2010 War at the Armory...Amateur Boxing Bout 6 Patty vs. Pruitt

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