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RMSTV Live 5.4.22

RMSTV Live 5.4.22

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CREWS 4 NEWS @ BES - April 29, 2022

May Character word: cooperation Seagulls Weather with Max Tribute to teachers Fletcher and how to create wrist bands/bracelets Mrs. Kent announces GT students River of Words Project students Book…

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Heart - WCMS News 2-14

Heart - WCMS News 2-14

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2nd Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy Producers and Consumers

Learn how producers and consumers make and spend money in an endless cycle and how students can calculate profit if they make something to sell as a producer. One extended example is provided in the…

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Activity Time: Wednesday, March 3 - Button Game & Button Bracelet

Today we're continuing to practice our numbers in our Number Journal. We're also practicing forming the letter "M" on our play dough/dry-erase cards. Find all the M's on…

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My Day With The Bushmen of the Kalahari. The San Tribe..mp4

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Independent Practice with Mrs. Rayas

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Tuesday Activity Time - Farm Animals & Fruit Loops

Today we're making fruit loop towers and bracelets for a fun fine motor activity. You'll need the baggy with fruit loops, spaghetti noodles and a pipe cleaner. You'll also need your…

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Wednesday Activity Time - Bead a Bracelet & "F" letter search

Today we're making friendship bracelets with the beads and pipe cleaners in your bag. See if you can find the first letter in your name in the beads! We're also playing our "F"…

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5th Grade Lesson 2 - Calming Down

Second Steps 5th Grade Lesson 10 Unit 2 Emotion Management

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5th Grade Counseling Lesson 1 - Intro Emotion Management

Second Steps Lesson 9 Intro Emotion Management Unit 2 Emotion Management

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Managing Your Emotions

Today we’ll learn what happen when we have strong emotions and how to manage our strong emotions, so we can make better choices.

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Chapter 1-3

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NHS Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation

Shown at Park Place Drive-In on June 2, 2020.

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Reading Kit Review

Use these fun items to help you practice your reading the week of June 1-5! Send me pics of what you are reading!

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