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Favorite Holiday Brainstorm 1

Students will be brainstorming verbs and adverbs to help with their favorite holiday poetry writing

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Week of June 8 - Lesson 2

Watch this video to see how the Brainstorming for Letter to Future Self should go.

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Week of June 1 - Lesson 1

Watch this video for an intro to this week's writing piece. We want to take time to reflect on someone who brings light into our world, which can seem scary and confusing. This video walks you…

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Week of May 25 - Lesson 1

We begin a new Writing unit this week--Writers Matter! Watch to get an intro of what topics will be covered and how to brainstorm for our first writing task.

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Mini Writing Lesson on First Memories_5/19/2020

In this video lesson I will share some first grade memories to help you write a letter to the new first graders.

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Mini Writing Lesson on Writing a New Ending_4/23/2020

In this lesson we will discuss how to write a new ending to a story.

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