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60 Second Video

Here is a minute long video of who I am and things I enjoy.

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60 Second Video: An Argument With Myself

For my first Broadcast Technology II assignment, I had to make a video that lasted 60 seconds. In it, I argue with myself in my room, debating over if certain things were special or interesting about…

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Shooting Gallery Editing

In broadcast tech one of the projects we do is shooting all sorts of shots that are found in movies. Or the shooting gallery project. In this project we had to record the 18 shots that are commonly…

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5 shot sequence

Jeff the plants relaxes and watches a movie. This video is my 5 shot sequence for broadcast technology.

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5 Shot-Sequence

This is a edited compilation of the 5 camera shots. These shots were originally 10 seconds long but trimmed down to the best 4 seconds. I also was required to add a title slide and accompanying…

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iAm Kingsley

This is a trailer of things I like to do and or parts of my life hence the name iAm Kingsley . This was the second project in my broadcasting tech class. It was created on iMovie Trailer.

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Watching a Buckeyes Game- Montage Mania

This is a montage of my family watching The Ohio State Buckeyes play the Northwestern Wildcats. I created it as my final project in my Broadcast Technology class.

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Montage Mania... add a little bit of blue.

This is a montage sequence with a ton of different shots and angles, all centered around the color blue. I hope you enjoy it!!

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This was a 30-60 second video montage using only one color!

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Brown Montage Mania

A Montage Mania all about the color brown! For my Broadcast Tech 1 class. Filmed on my Iphone 8 plus

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iAm Evan Cody

I made this trailer for my Broadcast Technology class. It shows videos and photos from my life.

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iAm iMovie Trailer

An iMovie Trailer all about me! Using iAm statements to describe myself for my broadcast tech class! MAde with iMovie on my iPhone 8 Plus.

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iAm iMovie Presentation

Hi there! This is my story and who I am. I hope you enjoy it.

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I am

Get to know who I am!

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5 Shot Sequence

A common filmmaking technique! 5 unique, different shots, B-roll can be added as well for things like interviews. Filmed on my iPhone 8 Plus

From  TH~157 on November 19th, 2020 0 likes 2 plays