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60 Second Video: An Argument With Myself

For my first Broadcast Technology II assignment, I had to make a video that lasted 60 seconds. In it, I argue with myself in my room, debating over if certain things were special or interesting about…

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Thank you card

For a final project before spring break we made a digital thank you card. Which is just as it sounds, it's a video we recorded of our selves thanking one of our teachers for all they have done…

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News Package

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a short news package. My video focuses on SAGE, a climate advocacy club at Ladue.

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Thank you Video

Here is my Thank you Video for one of my favorite teachers Ms.Monsen! Ms.Monsen is an amazing math teacher here at Ladue and this is a video to thank her for everything she does. Watch this video to…

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shooting gallery

this is my shooting gallery project i did for broadcast tech enjoy

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The Shooting Gallery

In this video Z is starring in the the Shooting gallery at Ladue high school on March 1 through March 3, 2021. This video practices the different angles that can be used to illustrate a video for a…

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5 shot sequence

Jeff the plants relaxes and watches a movie. This video is my 5 shot sequence for broadcast technology.

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Failure is Required to Have Success(redone)

This is a assignment that is supposed to be six words and has to tell a story.

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5 Shot Sequence

This is a short 5 shot video telling a small story.

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Media Makers show #20 - Tim Gore

Tim Gore is the Director of Educational Initiatives for Educate.Today, a free website for teachers and students. Tim was a teacher himself for 28 years until he began working to create programming…

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Media Makers show #3 - Lillian Donahue

Ladue alumni Lillian Donahue discusses her current position as a reporter for Live 5 in Charleston, SC. Lillian also discusses how her local stories have been picked up by national news, her national…

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Broadcast Technology Class

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