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5 shots .mov

This is a video I made for my Broadcast Technology 1 class. This goes through the basics of filming and describes what shots I used.

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5 Shot Sequence

This video is about a Serial killer being locked up. This was filmed near the band room. We filmed this for our 5 shot sequence assignment using the camera angles listed.

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iAm Kiyla

This video has photos of my friends and I during the summer. This video also shows who iAm as a person and what hobbies I love to do.

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Personal profile Video

This was the first personal profile video I made. We first recorded everyone one at a time on a green screen in the studio. As we were recording in the studio, we learned how to use many tools in the…

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Bryan Interview Soundbites

This video includes all the three soundbites that I chose for the video project, "Interview an Expert" in Broadcast Technology 1. I edited the video in Final Cut Pro. While editing, I…

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Dejett's Story (Project Pathways)

vvvvv !! IMPORTANT !! vvvvv If you haven't already, I highly recommend watching 60 Seconds 2022 before watching this, it will give some much-needed context. Anyway, stay tuned for the thrilling…

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That One Friend

For this assignment, we could make whatever video we wanted. The plot of this video is someone being left home alone, Keegan, and his friend wants to play video games with him. Keegan has homework to…

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60 Second Video: An Argument With Myself

For my first Broadcast Technology II assignment, I had to make a video that lasted 60 seconds. In it, I argue with myself in my room, debating over if certain things were special or interesting about…

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Thank you card

For a final project before spring break we made a digital thank you card. Which is just as it sounds, it's a video we recorded of our selves thanking one of our teachers for all they have done…

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News Package

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a short news package. My video focuses on SAGE, a climate advocacy club at Ladue.

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Thank you Video

Here is my Thank you Video for one of my favorite teachers Ms.Monsen! Ms.Monsen is an amazing math teacher here at Ladue and this is a video to thank her for everything she does. Watch this video to…

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shooting gallery

this is my shooting gallery project i did for broadcast tech enjoy

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The Shooting Gallery

In this video Z is starring in the the Shooting gallery at Ladue high school on March 1 through March 3, 2021. This video practices the different angles that can be used to illustrate a video for a…

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5 shot sequence

Jeff the plants relaxes and watches a movie. This video is my 5 shot sequence for broadcast technology.

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Weebly Blogging Tutorial

Mr. Goble takes students through a demo and explanation for blogging using Weebly in Broadcast Technology classes.

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Failure is Required to Have Success(redone)

This is a assignment that is supposed to be six words and has to tell a story.

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