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Thank you Mrs. Curran!

This school year was really tough for students and educators. Watch this video to see all the ways my teacher made my year better!

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Interviewing an Expert

I interviewed a friend of mine, Noa Cohen about her experience starting and playing tennis 3 years ago!

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Making Masks That Give Back

Tune in to learn about Jill Gaither and her awesome mask business that supports charities!

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online project #1

This is a video of pictures I've taken when I went to Colorado and when I've been to my lake house. The pictures have been edited by me and then put into this video.

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This is a video containing a six shot sequence that consists of a wide shot, medium shot, two closeups, a extreme closeup, and a reassuring shot.

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5-Shot Sequence-Fischer T

This is a video of my friend playing on his phone in a 5-Shot Sequence. The order of the shots are; close up of the hands, close up of the face, wide shot, over the shoulder, and a unique shot to end…

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Josh Final

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Gage 6 Word Story

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The Ladue Sparkle Effect

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