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GIHS Small Choral Ensemble Concert 5-17-2022

High School Students from all grades sing solos, duets, and small group performances at the annual Small Choral Ensemble Concert May 17th, 2022 in the choir room of Grand Island High School. The…

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Portrait Proportions

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1/27 Class Session

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12-22-2020 Daily Announcements

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becks GTT long

Becks regional co - ordinator - from Garden To Table visited MVS recently

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Be Who You Are

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Parts by Tedd Arnold

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Something Inside So Strong

This is a lyric video for "Something Inside So Strong" by Labi Saffre. Performed by T. Alexis for FACTS Students.

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Anna shares her Poem in her Pocket

Watch Anna's video for Poem in Your Pocket Day!

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Heggerty's Thursday 4/30

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The Oregon Trail: Gold Rush! Part one: Lone Elm Campground

The first chapter of a "choose your own trail" book where students vote on what part I will read next. What will happen to you and your family as you settle down for the night at the Lone…

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Phonological Awareness- Segmenting Compound words 1

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Dance Project/ Radio&TV Final Exam.

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