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Programming Basics: Statements & Functions: Crash Course Computer Science #12

This playlist consists of 41 videos all about Computer Science. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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WSCN - Monday, November 21st, 2022

The WSCN Daily Update for Monday, November 21st, 2022. Warren G. Harding High School

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Going for an MRI Scan from a patient's perspective

Check out what it's like going for an MRI scan. This is a 360 video, so you can move your device or headset around to see in all directions. Healthcare will always have excellent job and…

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Average Day in the Life of a Farm Kid

Ever wonder what it's like to grow up a farm kid? Check out a day in the life of Sander, a 12-year-old growing up on the family farm. Farming is the characteristic activity that takes place…

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Lesson 4 Session 5

Making bar graphs and picture graphs.

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RMSTV Live 6.9.22

RMSTV Live 6.9.22

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RMSTV Live 6.2.22

RMSTV Live 6.2.22

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Harbor Lights News

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Fun Safe Pranks To Do On Kids

not my video

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Roly Poly Video For Kids | Backyard Adventures

How did the Roly Poly get its name? What do Roly Pollies eat? Are Roly Pollies even insects? In today's episode you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about roly pollies. This video…

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Ladybug Facts for Kids | Bug or Beetle ???

Ladybug Facts for Kids | Bug or Beetle ??? is an educational video for kids that will teach them all about ladybugs. Here are some of the facts that you will learn in this learning video about…

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Interesting Facts about Smelly Stink Bugs Top Facts For Children 2021

Interesting Facts about Smelly Stink Bugs: Today let's learn everything about SMELLY STINKY BUGS, everything about types of stink bugs, stink bug smell, how to get rid of stink bugs, and what do…

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Gavin Enloe Speech 2 2022

Hallsville High School

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Finding Stuff Out - "Where Does Food Come From?" Season 4, Episode 2 (FULL EPISODE)

For more info, check out: By getting to know our food, how it’s made and where it comes from, we can make choices that can help the…

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Automatic Negative Thoughts - Meet the ANT Buddies!

For more info, check out: Our brains are hardwired for the negative. These thoughts may be normal, but they’re not…

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Largest toad - 01-03-1991. Guinness World Records

The largest known toad is the cane or marine toad (Bufo marinus) of tropical South America and Queensland, Australia (introduced). An average specimen weighs 450 g (1 lb) and the largest ever…

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