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DC Resistors & Batteries: Crash Course Physics #29

This playlist consists of 47 videos all about Physics. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts learned…

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Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison | Prologue

In this playlist of 30 video study guides, students will receive short (under 5 minutes) summary and analysis of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. These chapter-by-chapter analyses aid students…

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The Invention of the Light Bulb

Want to find out more about Twig Science? Contact us today: Find out how Edison and his team used trial and error to invent the light bulb—a…

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Glow On: Crash Course Kids #20.2

In this video, students will learn how scientists determine the brightness and size of a star and how far away from Earth that star is.This playlist of 14 videos from Crash Course Kids is all about…

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VIDEO - 8.1 Day 2 Population Parameter Sample Statistic

Population Parameter Sample Statistic

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Grizzly Bear - National Park Animals for Kids

A once plentiful animal, the grizzly bear has been reduced by humans to startlingly low numbers. Despite their fearsome bulk and dangerous claws, grizzly bears consume fruits and vegetables as the…

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13.3 Types of Circuits

Compare and Contrast Series and Parallel Circuits

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Series & Parallel Circuits

This short video explains the basics of series and parallel circuits. It also covers how to determine which parts of a parallel circuit will or will not keep working when a gap is created in one of…

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Elementary Announcements 12.2.21

Morning News

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2021 Baseball

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AP 1 Zoom 1/15/21

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Kinder Dance Lesson for week of September 21, 2020

It's Music collaboration week! We are traveling to INDIA!! Let's use the rhythms you've been learning with Mrs Taweel, and learn a super fun Bollywood Dance!

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Handwriting Lesson 2 (first part)

Practice writing uppercase E's today.

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Green City

Green City by Allan Drummond

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Word Work 5-14-20

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Day four 5/15 Global Warming reading

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