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Whit Loves Bunnies - WSCN PTV 2, Semester 2

Liv interviews Mr. Whitacre about bunnies and other things.

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The 12 days of Creekmas CCE

2021 student project "The 12 days of Creekmas" part 2 Filmed at Cross Creek Elem. in Wintersville, Ohio By Bobby McDonald, Michael Flinn, Hannah Moore, and Jeffery Bensie

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6th Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy - College and Earning Levels

Learn about the various ways to pay for college and the average earnings of various education levels, from no high school diploma to a professional degree. Find all my videos and even more math…

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4th Grade Math Rounding Numbers to Different Place Values

Learn to round a single large number to difference place value by changing the digit under examination. An example in the video is given of rounding one number to three different place values. Find…

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The Game with Lines #1 Upper Grades

Contour lines grades 4 & 5 create a small landscape using only contour lines

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4th and 5th grades The Game with Lines #1 Contour Landscape

Contour line landscape

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How To Draw A Valentine Cupcake

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Nursery Rhyme time

We can sing Nursery Rhymes together.

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Handwriting: Letter R

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The Goose Egg (2X2)

The Goose Egg by Liz Wong, read by Sarah Vaughn

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Scientific Notation Review Lesson

Watch for a quick review on Scientific Notation

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Math 4.6

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ELA Dec 4.mp4

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Uppercase P.mp4

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Uppercase B

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Pumpin Eye

Pumpkin Eye

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