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KACTE Entrepreneurship Event

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Smallest living horse - male. Guinness World Records

The smallest living horse (male) is Bombel (Poland), who measures 56.7 cm (22.36 in) to the withers, as measured in Kaskada Stable, Łódź, Poland, on 24 April 2018.

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Quest For Magic Flower Pot Theme Song | Songs For Kids | Master Plaster Song

You are watching "Quest For Magic Flower Pot Theme Song | Songs For Kids | Master Plaster Song". Best educational Song for children to learn and have fun at the same time! Enjoy educational…

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Friday February 5 Math

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The little match girl read aloud

read aloud

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Film Unit-Film Scavenger Hunt

4th and 5th grade students looking for certain things to video as they learn film.

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Lectura - Huracanes -martes 10-27-20

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Film Unit-Shot Styles 1

Fourth and fifth graders learn different shot styles in our film unit. This on includes close-ups and extreme close-ups and medium shots.

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Wednesday Activity Time - "H" Letter Hunt and Build-a-Fence Number Activity

Today we're hunting for the letter "H!" Use your dot marker to cover all the H's. We're also building a fence on the farm with your number sticks. Count to 10 using your…

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September 11, Calendar Math

Calendar Math

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Henry and the Paper Route Chapter 4 Part 2 " The Paper Drive"

Today we will find out if Henry and Beezus are able to collect all of the papers they need for the school's paper drive. Will Ramona let them use her wagon?

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Dylan T. Children's Book Read

Children's book read project.

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Art Lesson #1-Cherry Blossom Trees

Hi friends of room 9! I have always loved art and wanted to share some different crafts I like to do. Here is the first one where we paint cherry blossom trees in honor of Spring! Thank you for…

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Tens and Ones Lesson 1

Use this video to think about the number form, word form and tens way to say numbers 40-100 by tens. Do this video with a notebook and some thing to write with. T. Katie demonstrates how to use…

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Spot the Dots Math May 7

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Movie Schwa spelling and adjectives

spelling practice

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