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Quincy School Committee November 16, 2022

Quincy School Committee Meeting This event was recorded on November 16, 2022

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Business and Financial Services

Business and Financial Services

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10 steps to start your business

Having your own business can allow you to explore what you really want in life, generate extra income, and have more schedule flexibility. Read this article on how to start your own business

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VikingVisionNews 4-20-2022 #656

Seniors Katie Squires, Grace Ahne, Julianna Huber, and Kaylee Boyle welcome you back from break, with news about tomorrow's Student Job Fair at GIHS, how to apply for the Business and Marketing…

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Check out this hands on math and business class at Mehlville.

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5 QUICK Ways to Improve Your PowerPoint Design

How do you create professional PowerPoint slides? It comes down to small things. Most of which we don't notice when we watch presentations we love. We know we like them, but often we don't…

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You can use slide zoom similar to the way you'd use a landing page on a website. You can click on the different icons and zoom into different parts of your presentation. It's a way of…

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3 PowerPoint HACKS for INSTANT Improvement (incl. Morph between Shapes)

Timestamps 00:00 Intro 00:18 Alternative to Boring Bullet Points in PowerPoint 02:30 Morph Transition in PowerPoint 06:05 Enhanced Morph Transition in PowerPoint Here is an overview of topics…

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Do you know these 5 PowerPoint Hacks?

In this video I'll share some useful PowerPoint tips and tricks that will help you to create better slides in a lot less time. We'll cover how you can easily align objects in your slide…

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3 Cool Effects You Did NOT Think are Possible in PowerPoint | Morph

With these PowerPoint Morph animation tricks you will make an unforgettable presentation. In this video you'll learn how to easily create professional PowerPoint presentations using the…

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5 PowerPoint Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner (Screen Recording included)

In this video I'll share some powerful PowerPoint tips that can really make a difference for you. We'll add an interactive element to a PowerPoint presentation with Action Buttons. These…

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The ROCK Café is open for business!

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VikingVisionNews 2-17-2017

Nicholas Carey and Jacob Corrao take you to February break with info on how to sign up for Student Olympics, and we hear from the interviewers, who just happen to be GIHS alums, as well as the…

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SchoolTube's 5 Tips for Your Resume

SchoolTube’s 5 Tips for Your Resume We're here to help! Check out these additional resources for more help building your CV.…

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Anthony Payiavlas Interview (PTV 2)

Anthony interviews his dad about his life.

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Quincy School Committee December 9, 2020 - Part 2

In the second part of the meeting there was a presentation on the design of the new Dr. Richard Decristofaro Learning Center and also a presentation on the wonderful work the Quincy Public Schools…

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