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Moses parted the Red Sea


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SJHS News 4.19.21

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CBS Ozerim Sing Chad Gadya

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Can I be your Dog Read Aloud

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Can I be your Dog

Can one of Arfy’s letters help him find a home on Butternut street.

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The BFG Introduction

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Mrs.King Can I Be Your Dog?F85E4B78-25E3-42F2-8ADD-274475976240

Arfy writes convincing letters trying to find himself an owner.Listen to find out if his pleas worked! Does Arfy find an owner?

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Inside Out (p. 317-354)

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Elementary Announcements 2.3.20

Morning News

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SPS StarCatcher Award 2010 - Mrs. Deana Butcher

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Starcatcher nominee Deana Butcher

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