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Mere Christianity: Counting the Cost

In the final chapter of my teaching C.S, Lewis' works, I will read a most powerful charge to you about what you are up to whenever you tell the Lord you're ready to let Him take over.

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Mere Christianity: Is our Faith easy or hard?

C.S. Lewis talks about the Main Purpose of Christianity, and how we may often misunderstand the whole point of our walk with Jesus. This is a most powerful chapter.

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Mere Christianity: How are we supposed to understand TIME?

This is my favorite chapter in the entire book. It may be a bit hard, but follow it the best you can. It's a real mind-bender.

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Mere Christianity: How do you explain GOD?

People get tongue-tied when trying to explain the Trinity. How would YOU describe the Triune God? C.S.Lewis breaks it down for us...

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Sophomore Bible for Friday: Why bother studying about Jesus?

I'm going to challenge you today. Some of you will not grasp this easily; i can understand that. But for the scholar, I want you to listen to what I'm reading and THINK.

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Mere Christianity: Why bother with reading the Bible?

Here is an important video for you to watch as we ready ourselves for next week. Simply watch the video; no essay needed today.

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Mere Christianity: What is FAITH all about, anyway?

We hear people talking about "having faith" and things will be okay. Have faith in WHAT? Is it different for the Christian? C.S. Lewis offers some great insight...

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If the goal of the Christian is to be with Christ in Heaven... well then, what is Heaven like? What can we expect?

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"Mere Christianity": Is HOPE kind of stupid?

Are we just a bunch of wishful idiots, "hoping" that things will be okay when we die? What is the TRUE definition of Christian hope? You may be surprised at some of the depths we reach…

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If we're going to talk about romantic relationships, maybe we'd better start off by talking about relationships in general. How about getting along with college classmates or those in the…

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When you head to college, you will find that people have a very wide variety of views on what a love relationship is. Let's take a look at dating and relationships...

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#7 SENIOR BIBLE: The Perfect Penitent

In today's study we're back with Mere Christianity and the unique situation Jesus is in - and the situation we ourselves are in. Follow the instructions based on what you learned - and be…

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#5 SENIOR BIBLE: Mere Christianity "The Invasion"

Ever have a time in your life when things went totally upside-down, puzzling, hurtful or otherwise unpredictable? CS Lewis tells how life is complicated and how Christianity goes after the…

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SENIOR BIBLE: C.S. LEWIS' "Mere Christianity" introduction

Greetings, sequestered scholars! We're going to take a huge step in your comprehension and explanation of the serious Christian life. I'm going to introduce you to C.S. Lewis'…

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Adrianne Schwarzentruber

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