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Horizontal Launch Example Video

Horizontal Launch Example Video

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Energy and Momentum MC Presentations Day 2

Energy and Momentum MC Presentations Day 2

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Screencast 4.5 percent composition

Percent composition

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6th Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy - Debit and Credit Cards

Learn the various features and fees associated with checking accounts, including monthly fees, activation fees, and overdraft charges. Also learn how debit cards and checks work in coordination with…

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Limiting Reactant Calculations

Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School offers an 11½ min explainer video showing how to do limiting reactant calculations.

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Ruler and Car, A

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Building Reporter Blocks

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APCSP Unit 1 Running Total

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Math 2.8 Friday -October 2

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Math 2.7 Thursday October 1

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Math 2.4 - Monday September 2nd edition

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Math 2.6 Wednesday October

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Math 1.7 Thursday - September 9 - 5th Grade

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Math 1.6 - Tuesday September 8 - 5th Grade

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Complex Conversions

This video is to assist my students in converting multiple step metric conversions.

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Using Significant Digits

This video is to aid my students in adding / subtracting and multiplying / dividing significant digits.

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