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Smart by Shel Silverstein

ASL interpretation by Abbey & Paloma

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"To Process Raw Wool"

The lyrics of the song:(“If you’re happy and you know it”)To process raw wool, I _____ it (x3)To process raw wool, from the sheep and not the bullTo process raw wool, I _____ it.

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PLTW-How to Make a Cup Phone

Directions for making a cup phone. Materials: two cups (punch hole in bottom), string, 2 paper clips.

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Editing Index Pages

Index pages have a few setting you can adjust as well as the option to add a background or images to them.

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BDJ warm up

Calm breathing stretches to go with ba duan jin exercise

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BDJ warm up

Calm breathing warm up exercise to go with Ba Duan Jin qi gong.

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Music TK Lesson 5

We're playing instruments to our rhythm patterns and learning new songs ties to science and Wonders. We are also singing thie children's classic "Make New Friends."

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