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Cooper City High School (CTV)

2019-2020 STN Broadcast Excellence National Award Winner Cooper City High School (CTV) Weekly News Show

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Marshall Elementary Spring Concert

Marshall Elementary presents its 3rd and 4th grade choruses and 4th grade band. I am sure you will enjoy the concert.

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Human Nature - (WSCN PTV 3, Semester 1)

Sydni and Liv explore human nature!

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EPCOT Test Track FULL Ride POV Disney World Epcot, Florida 6/30/11

Check out This HD POV of Test Track at Disney's Epcot at Walt Disney World (WDW) in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Test Track is an attraction at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake…

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1.10.21 Announcements

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How to Live Stream School TV News Show

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CHSTV Studio Tour

A tour of Carlsbad High School's state-of-the-art broadcast facility.

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intro hannah 30 march

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FY 2022 Budget Public Hearing, Budget Joint Equity , Diversity, Inclusion, and Facilities, Transportation, and Security Subcommittees June 2

The FY2022 Budget Public hearing was held, as well as: the Budget Subcommittee to discuss the final Budget. In the Joint Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion, Transportation, Security , and Facilities…

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MVTV 30 march 2021

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suit intro 1

An item to put on MVTV about what we are doing.... at the end is the animation we are looking at to put on MVTV - heaps of fun and very excited students..... more next week

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iclone mvtv

when we were trying to sort the actions with the suit and the script - we filmed it - if you look carefully you can see Brayden walking round doing the actions

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Process of Basic Film

Briefly goes through the process of film making, in more of an unorthodox manor.

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RMSTV Friday 2.5.2021 B Crew

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RMSTV Friday 1.22.2021 B Crew

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