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Grand Island CSD Board of Ed 9-26-2022 Meeting

The Grand Island Central School District held their General Session Board of Education Meeting in the Professional Development Room of Grand Island High School, on Monday September 26, 2022.

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Child Genius: 10-Year-Old GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! (S1, E1) | Full Episode | Lifetime

Check out these child geniuses that graduated high school before most kids even start freshmen year. Click here for more Child Genius content! Twenty kid geniuses prepare…

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Handwriting Practice Example

Handwriting practice. How to write lowercase letters with proper stroke order.

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Lesson 4 Session 5

Making bar graphs and picture graphs.

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Schools & Social Inequality: Crash Course Sociology #41

This playlist consists of 45 videos all about Sociology. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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LMS Log-in Instructions

Instructions regarding how to login to our Learning Management System (LMS)

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Elementary Announcements 8.8.22

Morning News

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Sebastian's Roller Skates read by Caitlin Wachs

For more info, check out:'s Roller Skates is written by Joan De Du Prats, illustrated by Francesc Rovira and read…

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06.08.22 Announcements

06.08.22 Announcements. H.A.G.S.

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Washington DC | Capital Of The United States | Facts For Kids

Washington DC | Capital Of The Unites States | Facts For Kids is a learning video. Here are some facts that you will learn while watching this video: *Washington D.C. is the home to all three…

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Grand Island CSD 2022-23 Budget Presentation-BOE Meeting 5-9-2022

The Grand Island Central School District held their final 2022-2023 Budget Presentation to the public prior to their General Session Board of Education Meeting in the Professional Development Room of…

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Sarah’s Speech

Sarah’s argument for Challenge I.

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English Lesson: Nouns for Kids | Learn through music and rap with MC Grammar

For more info, check out: *** 'New / Edited Edition' of our live lesson! Shout-outs and…

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4/27 Class Session

Exodus 14

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Grade 1 Songs! | Learning Song Collection | Scratch Garden

For more info, check out: Grade 1 Songs is a 30-minute learning song collection of the best educational songs by Scratch Garden based on the grade one…

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