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Community Service Week 2021 Recap

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Activity Time: Tuesday, May 4 - Duck Game & Spring Geo Boards

Today we're practicing the number 9 in our number books. In our writing center folder this week we've included Mother's Day card templates with words you can use to make your cards. …

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Lesson 5.1 Video

A ratio compares two quantities. It can be written three ways. Ratios can be represented using bar diagrams and double number line diagrams.

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W3 Onboarding Recording

Webinar for Onboarding of Cohort 3 of the Maryland Elementary School Computer Science Coaches - week 3. The slide deck can be found here.

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April 14, 2021 Morning Announceements

Student Body President & Vice-President, Joya & Elle, co-host the Morning Announcements. They welcome three special guests (Anna, Sam & Sora) who share the gratitude cards they are…

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