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Lesson 9 Session 5

Practice solving word problems with two-digit numbers. Determine if the word problem needs one or two-steps to solve it. Use a model to help decide how to write the equation.

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10-12 Show

10-12 Ep of MRTV

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Mr. Gish Asks 2

Mr. Gish ask students if there is anything they look forward to after Summer Break ends.

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08.25.2022 Video Announcements

08.25.2022 Video Announcements

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Track Spikes - WSCN Commercial (Sem 2, 2022)

Braylin needs help to get past Lexie! Commercial by Lexie, Bray, Ry, and Alexis.

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Harbor Lights

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Carla's Sandwich read by Allison Janney

For more info, check out: Carla's Sandwich is written by Debbie Herman, illustrated by Sheila Bailey and read by Allison Janney. …

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WWTV News January 19, 2022


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WWTV News November 16, 2021


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Kultura Cafe

WCTV19 News Class

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Magic School Bus - Getting Energized


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Magic School Bus - In the Haunted House

Sound Energy

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Magic School Bus - Gets Ants in its Pants


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Magic School Bus - Goes to Seed


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Magic School Bus - All Dried Up

Desert Animal Adaptations

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Magic School Bus - The Busasaurus


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