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Hardscrabble by Sandra Dallas

Hardscrabble written by Sandra Dallas is a SCASL Children's Book Award nominee for 2020-21. Come join us as we "crack the door" of this book to begin learning about a family who moves…

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Stuart Little - Ch. 11

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Y as a Vowel by Mrs. C

Students learn that y can make the long e and long i sound at the end of a word. They will practice sorting, reading, and writing them in this quick lesson.

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APUSH Review 6: Reform/Culture

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Carnival of the Animals

#2 Hens and Roosters

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Two students show why gossiping is wrong

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Minnesota Apple Crunch

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Bloody Carrie

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Gettysburg Hospital Mural

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Mr. Valentine

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Think Before You Speak

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You're Welcome

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Bryan Hill TV

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Summer 2011

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Reading to Children Logo

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