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HS Freshman Shocks Collegiate 800m

Watch more race videos here: High school freshman Sophia Gorriaran hits the jets to run a US No. 2 prep 800m in 2:06.70 at the 2020 BU John Thomas Terrier Classic. SchoolTube…

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Top 10 High School Football Plays of Week 4 | 2022 Season

Check out the best football plays from high schoolers across the country. Top 10 High School Football Plays of Week 4 | 2022 Season 🏈 #top10 #highschoolfootball #maxpreps #football Subscribe…

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SJHS News 9.26.22


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SJHS News 9.23.22


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August 5, 2022

Morning announcements

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Malcolm X’s Fiery Speech Addressing Police Brutality

In 1962, a confrontation with the LAPD outside a mosque resulted in the death of a Nation of Islam member. It was an event seized on by an outraged Malcolm X, who would condemn it in an impassioned…

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Senior Spotlight: Brian Alden

Julia has a chat with Brian

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The CookOut.... 🍔🤣 Ep.4 "Uncle Mac"

"Uncle Mac" Is a Comedy Sketch Spin Off Of The Late Legendary Bernie Mac Show. Uncle Mac Babysits his nieces and nephews from time to time, the kids are always up to mischievous things.....…

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The Seasons Song | Science Songs | Scratch Garden

The Seasons Song is very helpful for learning the four seasons! Our 2ND CHANNEL is on Patreon! ►► ◄◄ This is a great introductory science song for kids or…

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imagineers june 10

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imagineers june 10

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SJHS NEWS 5.18.21

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SJHS News 5.6.21

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Story Time: Arlo Needs Glasses

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Wall ball

Find a safe wall to throw against-preferably outside! and practice some of these throwing and catching skills.

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beginner juggling with scarves

you will need two scarves- wash cloths or plastic shopping bags work great! Then follow along with me!

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