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Community Time for September 1st

Announcements, Mr.s Martin, and Mrs. Hamilton

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Welcome Back Bobcats 2021-2022

Attention Cy-Fair Bobcats: First Day of School in Monday August 23rd!

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SchoolTube's 5 Things to do on International Cat Day

SchoolTube's 5 Things to do on International Cat Day If you have cat, give them some extra cuddles and rubs today. Play with your cat and their favorite toy. Give your cat a special snack they…

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animal abuse 2021

Animal abuse has been around for many years and hundreds suffer from it. Please help stop animal abuse by call the right authority.

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PREMIERE! Becca Fierce - Talking Tom & Friends | Season 5 Episode 19

It’s the return of Angie Fierce! Or at least, the return of her wig… Talking Becca has been wearing it to gain confidence on a scary reality show. Can Becca’s friends bring her to…

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Lesson 5.1 Video

A ratio compares two quantities. It can be written three ways. Ratios can be represented using bar diagrams and double number line diagrams.

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Activity Time: Tuesday, April 13 - Decorate Glasses & Eye Chart Seek & Find

Today we're practicing writing the #7 in our number books. We're also decorating glasses. You'll need your baggy with the glasses and decorations, along with some liquid glue. After…

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