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Lesson 4 Session 5

Making bar graphs and picture graphs.

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Lesson 4 Session 4

Practice drawing and using graphs.

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Lesson 4 Session 3

Practice making bar graphs and picture graphs.

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Charts Are Like Pasta - Data Visualization Part 1: Crash Course Statistics #5

This playlist consists of 45 videos all about Statistics. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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WHMS Morning News Mon June 6, 2022


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VIDEO - 8.4 Day 3 Z-Score and Z-Table (right and between)

z-score right and in between

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VIDEO - 8.4 Day 2 Z-Score and Z-Table (left)

z-score and z-table to the left

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Big Review C,R,G,SHM

Big Review C,R,G,SHM

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S5_M1_1 Built-in Reports

This video introduces the learner to the GG4L School Passport built-in reports.

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Decimal to fraction


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Pirates Say AR! (song for kids about the "ar" sound)

Song: PIRATES SAY, "AR!" Educational Content: Practicing the /ar/ sound; Identifying words that have the "ar" chunk as medial or ending sounds; Pirate theme!

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How to submit a workout chart

How to submit a weekly workout chart.

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3 Histograms


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Noble Gas Configuration

This video is to assist my students in learning Noble Gas Configuration

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Electron Configuration - Orbital Notation Diagram

This video is to help my students learn electron configuration.

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ELA1: Nonfiction Unit - Text Features

Here is the lesson from 01/07/22 focused on Text Features.

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