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Title Tuesday4

Title Tuesday video 4

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Oak Ridge Elementary Attendance -Engagement Training 2021-2022

Attendance Engagement Training 2021-2022

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Second Step Lesson 4

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Teachable Moment Week 7

T. Mikki Week 7 Distraction and Focus

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Let's Make a Music eBook.mp4

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Oct 1 and Oct 5 - A Matter of Principal (Mr. Capers)

It's our first "It's a Matter of Principal" episode of the year. Please show this to classes on Thursday, October 1st and Monday, October 5th.

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Creating a checklist for task completion

Use Google Sheets to create a quick and easy checklist for completing work

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Thursday September 24th Week 1 Day 3 in class ELA video

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Wednesday September 23, 2020 ELA

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Tuesday, September 1 English II Class pt. 2

Putting the evidence together and getting a preview of the assessment for Wednesday/Thursday.

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Workspace in Google Drive

If you are watching this video as your training assignment, please take a screenshot of your Google Drive set up with your workspaces and add it to the assignment for the week.

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Handwriting - Thursday August 27 - Print Assessment

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Time Management FINAL

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Persuasive Letter - Revise & Edit

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Week of May 25th - Writing Lesson #2

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