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SJHS News 11.16.22


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VikingVisionNews 11-3-2022 #673

Our first Viking Vision Newscast of November finds Shay Ennis and Max Broeker at the anchor desk with a ton of information about fundraisers throughout the district, plus congrats to the GI Chess…

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A Brief History of Chess

Trace the storied history of the game of chess, from its origins in 7th century India to the computer software we use today. SchoolTube History videos feature a wide variety of teachers, academics,…

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NERDS Gets REVENGE On COOL TEENS, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

Check out this film with a lesson about vanity and material possessions. ✅ Download my FREE mobile app 👇🏾 App Store = Google Play = 💥…

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P-Value Problems: Crash Course Statistics #22

This playlist consists of 45 videos all about Statistics. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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A Historic Chess Match

A gloomy statistic from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control points to a record number of fatal drug overdoses in America. After a bit of chess trivia, we're looking back on a historic match…

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WHMS Morning News Monday May 23, 2022


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RMSTV Live 4.27.22

RMSTV Live 4.27.22

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martin interveiw 5 soundbites

interviewing a fellow student

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WHMS Morning News Tues March 8, 2022


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VikingVisionNews 2-15-2022 #648

Sophomore Trio Raven Khreis, Sam Ennis, and Abbey Schneller describe the achievements of the GI Chess Club and the Grand Island Vikings Boys Swimmers, plus Senior Sara Pearse has your Weatherverse of…

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SJHS NEWS 2.9.22


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SJHS News 1.31.22.mp4


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SJHS News 1.5.22


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SJHS News 12.1.21


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