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Sending an Attractive Lookalike to My High School Reunion

Watch this interesting video about a guy sending an imposter to his high school reunion. Like many of us, Stephen didn’t have a good time at high school. He played saxophone in the band, got…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Thunder Feathers: the Life of the Greater Sage-grouse

This short film shows the sage-grouse lifecycle from chick to adult, and the sagebrush ecosystem crucial to their survival. Edited by Virginia Moore and produced by Melissa Hemken for AT Lander Arts…

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Penguins by Gail Gibbons

Penguins by Gail Gibbons

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Disney II Magnet High School- Morning Announcements-5.10.2021

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The Easter Egg - Easter chick story - Easter books read aloud - Easter story for preschool

Jan Brett’s lovable bunny hero, Hoppi, and her remarkable Easter Rabbit will enchant readers as they pore over illustrations filled with dazzling eggs made by Flora Bunny, Aunt Sassyfrass and…

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Fox in Socks

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Have a walk round a farm and learn fun facts about chickens.

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Story Time: There Is a Bird on Your Head! (Thurs, Feb 4)

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The Rez Episode 2 2020-2021 Skateboarding!!!

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Owls (Animal Lives Series) - Mrs. Brannon

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There’s a Bird on my Head!

How will Gerald solve his problem? Is there really a bird on his head?

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Gieseler Chicks End of year

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Cool Penguins - Mrs. Ring

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day 18 taking out the egg turner

three more days to go

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Candling the eggs on the 14th Day

Which Eggs are Fertilized? Can you tell?

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