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Elementary Announcements 9.2.22

Morning News

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Loggers Couldn't Believe What They Found In The Middle Of A Tree

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Brave TV News 5/13/2021

William R Boone High School in Orlando, Florida daily news broadcast - Senior Cast 2021 Farewell special edition

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Danika Poteet Final Speech

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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference: Still Here: Black History through Contemporary Art

Showcasing and juxtaposing the works of three African Americans, history will come alive with photos from the Civil Rights era, posters from the Blank Panther movement, and visual art from…

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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference: Connecting Current Events to Historical Themes

How do we expose our students to connections between what happened then and what is happening now, and why do these connections matter?

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Elem. Saxophone Sectional May 14

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cooper grandma 3.mp4

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cooper grandma 3.mp4

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5th Grade Orchestra EE Book Song Review

Essential Elements Book - Song Review: Rolling Along; Seminole Chant; Lightly Row; Up and Down the D Scale; Dreidel.

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Hello Sixth Graders

Just a hello and introduction to distance learning.

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Taba Naba - Christine Anu and The Wiggles (2000)

Taba Naba is a children's song from the Torres Strait Islands. It goes: Taba naba naba norem Tugi penai siri Dinghy e naba we Miko keimi Sere re naba we Taba naba norem Its translation…

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Loggers Couldn't Believe What They Found In The Middle Of A Tree

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morning message

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Morning Message

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Best Buddies Walkathon

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