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Lucy Worsley's Christmas Carol Odyssey | BBC Four | PBS

Lucy Worsley reveals the surprising stories behind our favorite Christmas carols. From pagan rituals to religious conflicts, French dances and the First World War, carols reflect our…

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Cozy Christmas Coffee Shop Ambience with Smooth Christmas Jazz Music Playlist

Wish you a pleasant day in the Cozy Christmas Coffee Shop! Smooth Christmas Music with Cozy Christmas Coffee Shop ambiance. Snow falls gently while the smooth jazz fills the room with warmth and…

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Top 100 Christmas Songs of All Time 🎄 3 Hour Christmas Music Playlist

The top 100 Christmas Songs of all time! Enjoy all of the best Christmas songs and classic Christmas carols in this 3 hour Christmas music playlist. Our Christmas music mix features all of the…

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2 Hours of Classic Christmas Fireplace Music

Merry Christmas!! _______ I do not own any of these songs. They are owned by their various respective copyright holders.

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Aynor High School Jazz Band Christmas Special

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Bringing Christ to Christmas

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Cram Guitar on PBS' Inside Education

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CHS Christmas Music Video

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Music Video Project

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Baby It's Cold Outside Cover xmas video

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Joy to the World

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Christmas Around the World

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Underneathe the Mistletoe Remade by The REZ

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The Kwanzaa Song by William Scott

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North Point's iBand

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