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JFD_TV 11-11-22

Dobie HS

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His voice shocked everyone

Christopher Duffley is 10 years old with blindness and autistism. His voice is simply stunning. A school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together.…

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Story of Saint Christopher | English | Stories of Saints

Learn the story of Saint Christopher in this episode! Saint Christopher is considered to be the patron saint for travellers. The story of Christopher is a very interesting one. Even as a child, he…

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Christopher Columbus - The Discovery Of America And What Happened After

In 1492 Christopher Columbus and his crew went on a journey that will change history forever. They traveled across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, there they met the Taino people. Here’s how the…

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Is Christopher Columbus Who We Think He Is?

Check out this complete biography of Christopher Columbus. Was Christopher Columbus born in Genoa, Italy? Most definitely not, say an unlikely collection of experts from European royalty, DNA…

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U.S. History | Government and Society in New Spain

This playlist contains 41 short videos all about U.S. History. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. Course Hero also provides free resources like study…

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Madeleine Albright, First Female Secretary of State | MAKERS

For more info, check out: Albright on her late career start, building confidence, and holding her own with male statesmen. Born in prewar Prague,…

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Saints @ 8 - February 8, 2022

Saints @ 8 - February 8, 2022

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Dylan's Mystery Book Report

Students acted as detectives and wrote an official case report after they solved the mystery from their chosen mystery book.

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The Landlady: Short Film

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Roald Dahl, The Landlady, free audiobook short story read by Nick Martin

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Animated Hero Classics - Christopher Columbus

In this program, learn about Christopher Columbus. With determination, this starry-eyed young man's dream of reaching China ends with the discovery of a new world.

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Michael Martinez Talent Reel

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4/29 Class Session

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Elementary Announcements

Morning News

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Elementary Announcements 1.28.21

Morning News

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