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Animated Hero Classics - Christopher Columbus

In this program, learn about Christopher Columbus. With determination, this starry-eyed young man's dream of reaching China ends with the discovery of a new world.

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October 12, 2020 Morning Announcements

Student Body Historian, Jake, joins Mr. Martinez and Joya today to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day & the Lakers 17th NBA championship. Jake highlights the week of October 12, 1492 when…

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neal.math.9.22 Grade 3

Math in Focus, Chapter 3: Subtraction Within 1,000Lesson 1Watch video. Complete pages 123-130. Take a photo of your math pages from today and post them to the Journal in Seesaw.

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Meet the Author Page Unit 4 Session 18

Met the Author page- Students will see other author pages and see what is common on many author pages

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