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Christopher Columbus - The Discovery Of America And What Happened After

In 1492 Christopher Columbus and his crew went on a journey that will change history forever. They traveled across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, there they met the Taino people. Here’s how the…

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Animated Hero Classics - Christopher Columbus

In this program, learn about Christopher Columbus. With determination, this starry-eyed young man's dream of reaching China ends with the discovery of a new world.

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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

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ACT 2- The Journey of Christopher Columbus

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Columbian Exchange

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Mr. President Help Us Get Our Rights

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Interview with Christopher Columbus

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Afterschool Club Presentation

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Columbian Exchange

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2008 NHD Documentary - The Battle at Midway

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Mel-O-Toons: Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus - Mel-o-Toon

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Explorers Rap

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christopher columbus song

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Christopher Columbus -Animated Hero Classics

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