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How to Simulate Firefox or Chrome Browser on Lalicat Virtual Browser?

The video will show you how to simulate Firefox or Chrome browser on Lalicat virtual browser. Lalicat Official Website: Skype:…

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What are Pronouns?

This video teaches what pronouns are, how they reduce repetition in writing, and the three rules of pronoun-antecedent agreement.

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Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Learn about 16 must-have Google Chrome extensions for teachers in this newly updated extensions video. This video features Google extensions that will help teachers optimize their workflow as well as…

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The 12 Days of PD - Day 6

In this video, Kim covers Screencastify, a Google Chrome extension

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The 12 Days of PD: Day 2

In this video, we cover Google Chrome bookmark tips and tricks!

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Mote Overview Video

Mote is a Chrome extension-based application that allows voice comments to be attached to a document.

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Jonah A VeggieTales Movie - Part 5

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RMSTV Friday 3.26.2021

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Your scholarship MacBook

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Clearing Your Browser's Cache/Cookies

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Zoom Tips and Tricks Session: Part 2

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Disney II Magnet High School: Morning Announcements-12.14.2020

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Emojis in Kami

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Loom tutorial

Basic training on setting up a Loom account and creating videos

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Weekly update 11920

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Clean Chrome Browser

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