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10-26-22 Daily Announcements


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Vaping in Schools: ‘Juuling’ Is Popular Among Teens Despite Health Risks

Learn more about vaping and its trendiness among teens in this video. It looks like a flash drive, is easy to conceal, and doesn't leave a smoke trail or smell. Across the country, the use of…

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Market Failures, Taxes, and Subsidies: Crash Course Economics #21

This playlist consists of 36 videos all about Economics. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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Senior One Acts_4.23_unedited

Senior One Acts_4.23_unedited LINK WILL EXPIRE May 23

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Senior Directed One Acts

Senior Directed One Acts - Ladue High School April 22, 2022. Link Expires May 23, 2022.

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Harbor Highlight, Jan. 31, 2022

Trivia winner and Dangers of Vaping

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SJHS News 10.27.21

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Dudley High School Safe and Sober Video

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How to respond to Seesaw.

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Plane Safety Instructions

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Consumer Math - Sales Tax Notes 5.1.2020

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DAF Act 2 Scene 1

Diary of Anne Frank Act2 Scene 1 Notes

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Number the Stars Ch 6

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(Audio) Language Arts Lesson 6: Problem/Solution & Classification Organizations

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Beverly, Right Here Chapter 1

Enjoy our next read aloud "Beverly, Right Here." Remember this is Louisiana's friend from our last read aloud---Louisiana's Way Home.

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