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STA PK Carpool

Procedures for morning and afternoon carpool.

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Inventor LESSON 3A

This covers array, mirror, fillet, chamfers

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10.7 Discovery Lesson Intro

Using desmos and a graphing calculator to graph different polar equations to notice their symmetry and other important features.

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ERfC's Bored!

Are your kids just plain BORED? Introducing ERfC After School Clubhouse!Join ERfC Staff “after school” through Google Classroom to participate in FREE Homework help, chat time, enrichment…

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Create a Mandala

A mandala is a circular design that can be a symbolic representation of the universe. It represents unity and harmony and honestly. A mandala is created using radial symmetry which means that all the…

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swing ride

illustrates fact that angle of swing is independent of the mass of the rider

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Bucket of Water Whirl

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Algebra II Ch 13.6

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Uniform Circular Motion

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