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Elementary Announcements 9.28.22

Morning News

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room 112 commercial

Room 112 commercial

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Quincy School Subcommittee September 22, 2022

The Subcommittee holds a meeting to talk about pressing issues in the classrooms concerning phone use and and how to handle the possible punishment for repeat offenders

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Crazy Substitute Teachers

Check out this funny animation from Jaiden Animations about substitute teachers. lemon guy will be forever in our hearts. Thanks to Lixian for the old teacher voice!…

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ZHC Customized A School!

Check out this group of artists take over a high school and totally transform it. This was the craziest thing we've ever done Subscribe and we might surprise your school next! (No joke I…

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September 21, 2022

Morning Announcements

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Terrible High School Teacher | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

Check out this funny video about the worst possible teacher in high school. WATCH PIKETONA MUSIC VIDEO ▶ WATCH MORE ▶…

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What Is ‘Transfer of Learning’ and How Does It Help Students?

Watch this short video to learn about the idea of Transfer of Leaning and the impact it can have on students. Schools tend to measure student learning with grades and report cards, but how can…

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Family Support Services Programs - Sep 2022

Grand Island Central School District Social Worker and Family Support Services Program Coordinator, Jessica Hutchings, explains the many avenues of mental health and counseling support that students…

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How One Principal Transformed His School With Student-Centered Learning

Check out how Principal Hamish Brewer implemented student-centered learning at his middle school. Read more: WHAT STUDENT-CENTERED SCHOOLS LOOK LIKE…

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9 15 Alg 1A Multi-Step Equations Day 1 VIDEO

Alg 1A Solving Multi-Step Equations Day 1

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WWTV News September 13, 2022


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MV ANN 9-12-22

MV ANN 9-12-22

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how to use sel classroom library

Learn how to use the Classroom SEL Library!

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Elementary Announcements 9.9.22

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2022-2023 Episode 1

CHSN Week of 9/9/2022

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