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Clay International Thanksgiving Special (Refun 6)

We tried to have a Thanksgiving Special.....

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VIDEO - 7.2 Day 2 Discovering Radians

Discovering Radians

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Stevan Davis Speech 2 2022

Hallsville High School

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Belt/Disc Sander Safety Video

This video will teach you how to safely use the belt/disc sander. Make sure to pay attention during the video because the answers to your quiz will be found throughout.

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Third Grade Science, Life Science, Lesson 13

How joints help skeletal systems move.

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Fourth Grade, Life Science, Lesson 6, Engineering Build

Making the plan, and building the knee brace.

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Activity Time: Tuesday, April 13 - Decorate Glasses & Eye Chart Seek & Find

Today we're practicing writing the #7 in our number books. We're also decorating glasses. You'll need your baggy with the glasses and decorations, along with some liquid glue. After…

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Activity Time: Wednesday, March 3 - Button Game & Button Bracelet

Today we're continuing to practice our numbers in our Number Journal. We're also practicing forming the letter "M" on our play dough/dry-erase cards. Find all the M's on…

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Butterfly Little group by Mrs Rowley

A butterfly inspired Little Group

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this or that 2

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Activity Time: Tuesday, February 9 - Love Monster

Today we're looking at all the materials in our writing center folder. We can use these items all week long! You can make and write Valentine's, decorate hearts, trace hearts and trace…

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Tuesday Activity Time - Farm Animals & Fruit Loops

Today we're making fruit loop towers and bracelets for a fun fine motor activity. You'll need the baggy with fruit loops, spaghetti noodles and a pipe cleaner. You'll also need your…

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Wednesday Activity Time - Bead a Bracelet & "F" letter search

Today we're making friendship bracelets with the beads and pipe cleaners in your bag. See if you can find the first letter in your name in the beads! We're also playing our "F"…

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Fish in a Tree Chapter 1

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