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SJHS News 5.2.22


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Soup For Breakfast Poems Children's Book Read Aloud

Hello friends! We have a new read aloud book for you today! It's an adorable book titled "Soup For Breakfast". Please forgive a mispronunciation mistake! We didn't read all of…

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SJHS News 4.7.22


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Elementary Announcements 4.4.22

Morning News

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Weather Instruments

All Earth Science resources, including worksheets, notes pages, reference tables, and tons more are now available here: A look at the six most commonly used…

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Malaika's Costume

I do not own the rights to this story. Please purchase your own copy if you haven't already from the following link: …

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Physical and Chemical Changes: Chemistry for Kids - FreeSchool

In chemistry, there are two main types of changes - physical changes and chemical changes. Physical changes affect the shape, size, and form of a substance. Chemical changes changes occur when the…

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The Girl and the Wolf

This is a story of a lost young girl, a wolf and their adventure in finding the girl’s family. .

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Brave TV News 1/12/2022

William R Boone High School in Orlando, Florida daily news broadcast

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Clip of M7.8 WWI Gas Attacks


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Despereaux 17-18

read aloud

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Change Owner

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Farmer Boy Chapter 8: Sunday

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Fifth Grade, Life Science, Lesson 10

Engineering a membrane

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Farmer Boy Chapter 1: School Days

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