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Activity Time: Tuesday, May 25 - Nature Book & Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Today we're using our nature book to record what we see on a nature walk. Be sure to color pictures of what you find and write (or have someone help you write) what you observed on your walk. …

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Lizzie and the Good Luck Girl

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St. Patrick’s Britto Clover

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series 2-4

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coopers grandma may 5-3.mp4

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Cheri Goosby-Video Recording - Mon Apr 27 2020-Charlotte's Web

This video finishes up the last part of Chapter 5 (it could have been a reread). It also reads Chapter Six in its entirety. Enjoy!!

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Clifford's Good Deeds

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Hawk Rising

2019-2020 Red Clover Award Nominee

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2020 Grady SLAM Particpants

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Heggerty's Wednesday 4/15

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Horton hears a Who

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1st and 2nd Grade Wildflower Intro & Sketches, March 30th

Hi 1st and 2nd Graders! We are starting a new lesson on wildflowers. You will be making sketches this week. You will need a paper, pencil, and eraser after this lesson.

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Morgan Mine

Morgan Mine Read Aloud by Mrs. Harting Written by Stephen Cosgrove Illustrated by Robin James

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CommonLit Annotation

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St Patrick's Day Read Aloud Mar 17, 2020 at 5_09 PM (1)

Mrs. O'Connor Reading How to Catch a Leprechaun written by Adam Wallace

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