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Feelings in a Flash! [Jealous]

For more info, check out: Feelings in a Flash! is a video series helping kids learn about feelings in 30 seconds or less. Each…

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5.11 STN | Uploaded 2-19-22


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Harnessing Nuclear Fusion? - February 10, 2022

What is it like to live near a border where tens of thousands of opposing troops have gathered? Today's show takes you there. Afterward, we're jetting over to the United Kingdom, where…

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Watch Out For Space Junk - February 9, 2022

Guidance on school mask mandates, "space junk," Valentine's Day spending, chimpanzee empathy, and goldens in Golden are all featured on this edition of CNN 10.

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The Olympics Get Rolling - February 7, 2022

The Olympics get rolling despite bumps in the road, Britain's queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, and a mysterious space object signals from a vast distance.

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A Software Security Flaw - December 15, 2021

Welcome to our last show of 2021! A security flaw in widely used computer software has sent engineers scrambling to implement a fix. A biologist in South Africa is using his camera to raise awareness…

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A Very Unique Ski Slope - December 13, 2021

Today's show begins with a report on the destruction caused by dozens of suspected tornadoes that struck eight U.S. states over the weekend. After our daily trivia question, we're headed to…

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Michael Martinez Talent Reel

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Senior Appreciation Day at CCHS

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Join Taylor Choir

Join Taylor Jr. High Choir!!

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How to grade Schoology Assignments on Phone App

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Media lit - asynchronous lesson - your first article and wiki page

How to create a page on the class wiki ( and choose a topic for your first article for The Panther Press.

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Handwriting - Tuesday September 8 - 5th Grade

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National Anthem.

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WK 8 Day 1 Heggerty Rhyming Production

Rhyming nonsense words with real words in the category of "Things on Your Head"

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All Eyes On The Virus | March 16, 2020

CNN 10 is bringing you the latest on the coronavirus pandemic today. We're featuring highlights from a town hall event to address some viewers' questions about the disease, and we're…

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