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Upgrading Your Web Design

This level two training video outlines how you can improve your web design by adding simple design enhancers.

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Coding for kids - Free Bitsbox review & programs by Arnav Sharma | STEM Program

Getting started with Bitsbox. Free Bitsbox review and programs by Arnav Sharma! Learn step by step coding instructions fast and free in few simple steps! Easy coding for kids. Subscribe Bitsbox…

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Hour of Code - Mark Zuckerburg teaches Repeat Loops

Try an hour of code at Help us caption & translate this video!

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Intro to Programming: Loops

Loops are a fundamental concept in computer science. Here's an explainer on how they work, with the help of our favorite dessert. All coding journeys begin with a single step. Take yours…

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Today at OCS - Sessions 3&4 - Learn to Code

In sessions #3 & #4 they are the same session on coding, we will begin to use Apple's Swift Playgrounds. A revolutionary app for the iPad that makes learning Swift Coding Language…

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Meet the Teacher: Mr. Schenk

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. In this brief video, I will welcome you and share a little bit about the courses I'll be teaching this year.

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CoBlocks - The Basics for Beginners

This coding tutorial guides you through the basics of coding with CoBlocks, the visual block-based programming language in CoSpaces Edu. Learn more: Forum:…

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