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MRTV 10/28

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The Great Gatsby | Chapter 6 Summary & Analysis | F. Scott Fitzgerald

This video study guide playlist consists of 17 videos that provide chapter-by-chapter summaries and analyses of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. These videos will aid students in…

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That One Friend

For this assignment, we could make whatever video we wanted. The plot of this video is someone being left home alone, Keegan, and his friend wants to play video games with him. Keegan has homework to…

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60 Second Video: An Argument With Myself

For my first Broadcast Technology II assignment, I had to make a video that lasted 60 seconds. In it, I argue with myself in my room, debating over if certain things were special or interesting about…

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Juice WRLD-We Don't Get Along (Fan Music Video)

My video interpretation of We Don't Get Along by Juice WRLD.

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Iam Cody

I am doing this for a grade. All hostages were harmed in the making.

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Watching a Buckeyes Game- Montage Mania

This is a montage of my family watching The Ohio State Buckeyes play the Northwestern Wildcats. I created it as my final project in my Broadcast Technology class.

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iAm Evan Cody

I made this trailer for my Broadcast Technology class. It shows videos and photos from my life.

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5 Shot Sequence

I filmed my brother playing Fortnite in five different shots.

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Lost Dog. Reward if Found: Anything

Mr. Goble, my Broadcast Tech teacher, asked me to write six words that would tell a story for my Broadcast Tech class and film it in six unique shots. No two shots in a row could be identical and we…

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The Thing About Georgie Chapters 23, 24, 25

What is your "thing?" Finish the book with me today!

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Thursday, May 21

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Dylan T. Children's Book Read

Children's book read project.

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Monday, May 11

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Religion May 7 2020

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5.28 Grammar Wed

5th Grade

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