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Exponential Growth

Microbes such as bacteria multiply rapidly at room temperature on fresh produce. Learn about "exponential growth" and why it's important to keep perishable foods cold.

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What exactly is a Cold Front?

All Earth Science resources, including worksheets, notes pages, reference tables, and tons more are now available here: In this video, we will take a quick look…

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Finding Stuff Out - "Extreme Cold" Season 4, Episode 4 (FULL EPISODE)

For more info, check out: Extreme cold can be dangerous, but some animals and plants can adapt to it. Throughout human history, our species has used…

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Elementary Announcements 2.3.22

Morning News

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Magic School Bus - In The Arctic

Heat Energy

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Read Aloud :While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar -social distance books read aloud

Hedgehog and Tortoise were the best of friends. They wanted to give each other a great, big hug. But they weren't allowed to touch. "Don't worry," said Owl. "There are…

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Asian Americans | Episode 3: Good Americans | PBS

During the Cold War years, Asian Americans are simultaneously heralded as a Model Minority and targeted as the perpetual foreigner. It is also a time of bold ambition, as Asian Americans aspire for…

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Teen Talk with Dr. Jordan

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Balloon Countdown Day 6 ( Read Aloud)

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1st Grade GRAMMAR - Wednesday, May 13

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My Puppy and Me

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Spanish list

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Wednesday 3-8-2020

Episode 3...

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Rec - 31 Mar 2020 9:08 - Ms. Saenz Literacy-kinder.mp4

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The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

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Words to Remember: Frog and Toad Week of March 23

Quick run down of words to remember and how to use them in a sentence

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