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ERHS Morning Announcements 9-22-22

school news

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English Lesson: Personification for Kids | Learn through music and rap with MC Grammar

For more info, check out: In this fresh and fun home-schooling lesson you will learn all about…

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VIDEO - 9.3 Day 2 Probability with Permutations and Combinations

Probability with permutations and combinations

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VIDEO - 9.3 Day 1 Permutations and Combination


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Algebra 1 Unit 7 Lesson 10 Practice Video Solutions

Algebra 1 Unit 7 Lesson 10 Practice Video Solutions

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Geometry Chapter 12 Review Packet


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Parts of a Breakout EDU Game

This video reviews the different parts of a Breakout EDU game instructions on the Breakout EDU Platform.

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Chance Discoveries: Post-it Notes

This NBC News Learn video, part of a series on "Chance Discoveries" in chemistry, tells the story of 3M chemist Spencer Silver, who in a lab experiment created a weak adhesive with no…

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Alg1 Midterm Finals Review V6

for questions 10-11

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Alg1 Midterm Finals Review V4

for questions 6-7

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VIDEO - 4.2 Day 1 Vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes

key features of graphs

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Dylan Science Play

Dylans Science Video

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Bill Nye Atoms and Molecules

Bill Nye the Science Guy - BNTSG S05E08

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Coco Storybook

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CTE Former Student Spotlight - Paola Gonzalez

CTE Former Students’ Spotlight - Connecting Education to Careers Series. This video features former student, Paolo Gonzalez.

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3rd Grade Math Place Value Relationships

Learn how to recognize base-10 relationships in numbers, showing that a place value is ten times larger than the digit to its right. One practice problem is included in the video. Find all my videos…

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