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Clip of M2.3 Fire

hydrocarbon combustion, balancing chemical equations

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The Chemical Reactions of Air Pollution

Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School offers an 8 min explainer video about the chemical reactions of air pollution.

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Thermo Notes Walk through week 2

A walk though with the amazing Mr. Ruppel of the notes and mathematical concepts from RHS Chemistry Unit 12 Thermochemistry Week #2

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El cuento del Coronavirus

El cuento del Coronavirus - Texto de Víctor Espiga -dirigido a adultos y niños de una cierta edad- que explica la importancia del confinamiento para ayudar a controlar la pandemia…

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Combustion Reactions PS

Explanation of a combustion reaction for my physical science students

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How to Extinguish a Fire with a Bag of Potato Chips by Vicki Cobb--Master Chef of Kids' Hands-On Science

This is a story that begins with a problem--how to keep potato chips fresh and ends with technology. Vicki Cobb tells this entertaining and enlightening story. You can also read the text here.…

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