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Don't Be Shy! How to Start a Conversation in English

For English Language Learners (ELL) or parents that express interest in learning more English, I cannot recommend this video enough. "This is your ultimate compilation to learn how to start a…

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ERHS Morning Announcements 9-30-22

school news

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Sept 26th Monday Mindful Moment

Monday Mindful Moment with deep breathing and positive self affirmations

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RMSTV Live 9.16.22

RMSTV Live 9.16.22

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What Does It Mean To Be Kind

A book about kindness by Rana DiOrio and illustrated by Stephane Jorisch

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Annual CLASS PRESENTATION Somerset Heights 2nd Grade • Mr. Messicci 2017

The annual CLASS PRESENTATION at Somerset Heights Elementary in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. SCHEDULE (May have difficulty viewing using the browser, Safari.) 1. The Pledge of Allegiance (in…

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EOC Review Day 6

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Geometry 12.1

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Statistics 4.2

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2/11 Class Session

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Be Caring

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Video Recording - Message from Mrs. Pagen11:26:06 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

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Codon WS explained

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RMSTV Wednesday 11/4/2020- A Crew

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Protein Practice WS

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Reading Lesson Day 11

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