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Amadeus Clip

Although one of my favorite forms of entertainment, movies do more than just entertain. Movies inform and educate us. Movies inspire and motivate us. Movies can even cause us to reflect on our own…

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SLC2022 - Exhibition Clip - 12

SLC2022 - Exhibition Clip - 12

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Object Anchors

Ms. Mercury shows how to scan an object to use as an object anchor.

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BBC Howard Goodall's Story Of Music

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3-5 Music Week 13

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Composers’ Corner Week 7: Verdi

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8th GR Violin Str Basics Pg 10-11 Week 6

8th GR Violin String Basics Pages 10-11 Week 6

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5/15/20 Music Time with Mrs. Brittany

Today we are going to listen to a song by Kabalevsky, Galop from the the Comedians. We will use or ribbon sticks or a small kitchen towel to move with this silly sounding song. We will also use…

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5/8/20 Music Time with Mrs. Brittany

In Today's Lesson we are going to sing songs about being happy even in a storm. We will learn about Beethoven and the storms in his life as well as move with a scarf to his song Fur Elise. …

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Composers’ Corner Week 4: Haydn

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Junior High Music ALL Theory Sheet Part 2

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String Basics Bk 1 Cello Pg. 32-33 Gr 6

String Basics Bk 1 CELLO Pages 32-33 Grade 6

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Composers’ Corner Week 3: Bach

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String Basics Bk 1 Bass Page 31 #149-#152 6th Grade

String Basics Bk 1 Bass Page 31 #149-#152 6th Grade

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String Bascis Book 2 Pages 28 - 29 Vln and Vla

7th Grade EE Book 2 Pages 28-29 for Violin and Viola

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