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How to use crop rotation

Tino Carnevale explains the reasons for rotating your crops. Crop rotation is a way of minimising pests and diseases in your garden by not planting vegetables from the same family in the same soil…

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Saints @ 8 - April 22, 2021

Saints @ 8 - April 22, 2021

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MS74's Green Team Compost Tutorial

MS74's "Green Team" presents this step-by-step Compost Tutorial to help you get started composting today. Visit to learn more about the importance of…

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Happy Earth Day

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PM Announcement 3

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Story Time: Two Old Potatoes

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Continual flow worm bin

The worm bin at Fernbank Science Center uses red wiggler worms to break down fruit and vegetable scraps into nutrient-rich worm castings that are used to fertilize the vegetable garden.

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Monday Math 1,2,3

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Compost 101

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Biotic Factors.webm

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Week 4 Day 3 Phonemic Awareness and Vocabulary Lesson

Today we will play some Phonemic Awareness Games with our "bossy r" sounds and then we will sort our vocabulary words to help us share facts about Earthworms!

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Graphing Assignment

breakdown and examples of graphs for STEM results

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STEM Fair Project

Stem Fair Project introduction. Students are introduced to requirements and can start thinking about what they want to do.

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